Jan Bussell has been a pilot and airplane owner since 1967 and has logged over 7,000
hours in more than 30 different types of aircraft and also has over 3,500 hours in various
simulators. He is a CFII MEI and has built both of the airplanes he uses for training.

Jan's 4,500 hours of instruction include 1200hrs in the 160hp RV-6A and 1200hrs in the
180hp RV-6.

Jan, now retired, has been a flight instructor since 1976 as well as having taught in the
classroom environment for over 35 years. His teaching career spans high school and
community college work and includes teaching private pilot, instrument, and commercial
ground school as well as courses in aerodynamics, propulsion, meterology, advanced
navigation, regulations, aviation history, and instrument simulator refresher courses. Wow !!

Today, Jan lives at a River Acres FD70 a private fly-in community with  3,800 foot grass
strip which can be found on the Miami sectional near the Kissimmee River, about 10
nautical miles Northwest of Okeechobee, Florida, (look to the north end of Lake
Okeechobee on the sectional).



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