To get the most value from Transition Training, here's what Jan has to say:

  • To maximize exposure and learning, BE CURRENT. If you are not current I
    recommend getting a Flight Review prior to scheduling with me or plan a longer
    transition training session to include the Flight Review.
  • Be aware that the RV is not a "basic trainer". Things can happen quickly in this
    airplane so if you're a bit rusty, we will need time to get you safe as a RV pilot.
  • Plan on spending two days if you are current, three to four days if you are not.
  • Review and practice emergency procedures.
  • Study! Break out your books and get in the game. Flying is a cognitive act. Fresh
    motor skills aren’t enough. You need to understand the fundamental concepts of
    flight dynamics, instrumentation and rules.

Proficient pilots will generally transition to the RV quite smoothly.


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