Jan's top priority is for you become competent and safe in the RV.

A typical session will begin by getting familiar with either the RV-6A or the RV-6. If you have e-mail you will receive a course syllabus,
a checklist, wt. and balance and operating limitations prior to arriving. After the preflight inspection the first flight will consist of
a normal takeoff and climb to the nearby local practice area, where you will execute a series of maneuvers to develop a feel for the
airplane. You will test your skills at normal and steep bank turns, slow flight, stall recognition and recovery, simulated landings and
aircraft systems. This flight will terminate with 2 touch-and-go and one full-stop landing.

Your next flight will concentrate on normal and crosswind takeoff and landings, this flight will develop your landing sight picture and
teach you the proper techniques for landing your RV.

The third flight will focus on takeoff and landings including soft field, short field, emergency and aborted takeoff and landings.

The fourth flight will review all of the previous maneuvers and allow us to concentrate on any areas of weakness; emergency procedures
are emphasized throughout the sessions. You will receive Jan’s FAA approved transition-training syllabus prior to beginning your


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