A couple of notes:

1) Jan provides training for the Van's RV-3, 4, 6, 6-A, 7, 7-A, 9, 8 and 8-A aircraft.

2) Jan uses his FAA approved course syllabus for flight training. Once you have contacted and scheduled transition training with Jan, he
will send you, via email, a copy of the syllabus.

3) Jan will pretty quickly be able to evaluate your skill level which will accrue to your benefit because he will be able to adjust and focus
the training sessions to best suit you.

4) Being about 6 foot, 2 inches tall and 260 lbs., Jan provides students with an opportunity to fly the RV at or near maximum gross wt.,
an experience he heartily recommends before you load your own RV at or near its' maximum weight limitations.

5) You'll be flying out of River Acres Airport (FD70) uncontrolled, 122.9 CTAF, 3800' x 66' turf, private, land at your own risk. (This
strip is at the southern edge of R2901 I.). There is rough turf on North 1,000 ft.

6) Use Miami sectional. Orlando MCO is 100 miles north and West Palm Beach PBI is 85 miles southeast.

7) Nearby Okeechobee Airport (KOBE) provides two long paved runways with light to moderate traffic for pattern work and take
off and landings.

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